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Sweet Ache

Reminds me of a distant summer afternoon.

The sky whistles with endless insects
Eager to rummage through the goods brought by wanderers below
Birds conversing in the branches far above
Elegant in their tongues, and still quick to respond
Slumped on my green folding chair, nestled in a cool corner on the porch, down by the shaded stream
Books stacked on scattered plastic wraps, all around me

The fabric of life extends as far as I can see, colorful and uninhibited

Legs, arms, hands, feet - sore and bruised
Countless joints groan from the previous days' activities; extended and stretched during a celebration of collective freedoms
In this space, a chance to explore
Doors opened here, left open for each unique individual to wander through

Keep me occupied, in tune to the setting sun
Awaiting nightfall yet again
What a sweet ache this is, a journey of motion

dan cope

Mary Mentzer

mary mentzer


nathan pitts